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Carrantuohill is the name of the highest mountain peak in Ireland, literally it translates to ‘The road up’. Our road up began 13 years ago and is going great because we are half way BETWEEN the foot of the mountain and its peak. We started on the Black Silesia with a toilsome arranging of folk melodies of Zielona Wyspa so that they wouldn’t float too far with its tone from the original versions.

Now, since we are quite original ourselves, we dare to speak with our own voice and introduce the Irish folk in our version. This music had enriched us for years and now it’s time for us to enrich the music. If you would like to find yourself BETWEEN Ireland and Poland, BETWEEN the tradition and the modernity, BETWEEN sentimental meditation and crazy fun, BETWEEN a pub and…. another pub, and finally BETWEEN us – six handsome frights, reach for BETWEEN.


Track list:

  1. Between
  2. Kawa po irlandzku
  3. Niezłe ziółko
  4. Przyśpiewek nr 1
  5. Przepijemy naszej babci
  6. Pajpy z knajpy
  7. Salonowiec
  8. Zamiatany
  9. Na cztery ręce
  10. Dżem z miodem
  11. Przyśpiewek nr 2
  12. Połamany Reel
  13. Narodziny gwiazdy



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