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Carrantuohill came up with another outstanding and yet unparalleled artistic program, which combines the traditional Celtic music with the extraordinary and specific instrument of harp played by equally extraordinary Anna Faber, and accompanied by the beautiful voice of a talented, young artist Katarzyna Sobek and the Old Celtic poetry performed by Anna Dymna

In the Celtic music – apart from the large variety of the rhythmical and vivid numbers there is a quite exquisite assemblage of beautiful ballads, nostalgic and soothing melodies. During the concert recorded on the 21 of November 2009 in Post – Cisterians Palatial-Monastic Complex in Rudy. The musicians managed to extract that unique character of the Celtic music and with the soothing ballads create an atmosphere of meditation and relieve. A very important part of this project was the participation of Anna Dymna who combined the somewhat romantic repertoire with the Old – Celtic poetry and a number of poems by ks. Jan Twardowski. Poetry read by Anna Dymna always sounds magically. The „Celtic Dream” DVD is the recording of this unique concert.


Track list:

1. Jak Anieli (muz: Anna Faber) 1:54

Witamy (poezja) (anonim; tłum:Ernest Bryll)

2. Irish of Woman (trad mel.) 3:54

3. Nihgt Ride Across the Caucassus (muz. i sł. Loreena McKennitt)6:24

4. An Droichead (The Bridge) (trad. mel.) 3:06

5. Galician Carol (trad. mel.) 3:21

6. Dunmore Lasses (trad. mel.) 8:22

Stwarzał ( poezja) (ks. Jan Twardowski)

A gdzie Bóg mieszka (poezja) (anonim; tłum: Ernest Bryll)

7. Planxty Irish (trad. mel.) 4:57

8. 1109 (An Suiscin Bean) (trad. mel.) 5:37

9. The Mystic’s Dream (muz. i sł. Loreena McKennitt) 5:44

10. Blue Fiddle (trad. mel.) 4:12

11. Only A Woman’s Heart (muz i sł. Mary Black) 3:54

12. Modlitwa (trad. mel.) 5:06

Opowieść Pustelnika (poezja)(anonim; tłum: Ernest Bryll)

Więcej (poezja) (ks. Jan Twardowski)

13. Duch Gór (trad. mel.) 5:37

14. Myśli i Słowa (muz: D. Sojka/ Z. Seyda sł: Z. Seyda)

15. Galician Carol/ Irish of Woman (trad. mel.) 4:27


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