Adam Drewniok

Born: November 3, 1963 in Rybnik

Place of residence: Rybnik

Plays: acoustic guitar, bass.

Family: wife Barbara (clerk), daughters: Magdalena and Anna.

Hobby: apart from Irish music and the music of the 1960’s, he is also interested in history (WWI and WWII), sports literature – motor racing, ski jumping.

Life success: family, being a member of the “Carrantuohill”.

Life failure: not becoming motor-racer or ski jumper.

Role-model: perfect- Pope John Paul II, somebody more ordinary: his uncle.

Starting in primary school he was interested in music, he listened to it and collected materials about his favorite bands. In the 7th grade he bought his first ‘second-hand’ guitar. He is a self-thought guitarist. As a student of The Vocational School in Rybnik he attended all of his social meetings with his new guitar. The first band he was a member of was the “Eryś Group”, and Adam was working as a civil servant in the Magistrat of Rybnik. Back then the band was presenting its audience with a repertoire of sung poetry, actively participating in the social culture, achieving success and receiving awards such as: honors of the Polish review of the sung poetry in Katowice (1985), and after the following performance during the next year’s reviews (1986) – the first radio recordings with Maciej Szczawińsk editor of „Redakcja Literacka”of the Polish Radio in Katowice. In 1987 r. the Eryś Group changed their style from the sung poetry to Celtic climates which set the beginning of the artistic activity of the Carrantuohill, in which he plays the guitar up to present however he switched from an acoustic guitar to the electric one. During his days with the “Eryś Group” and “Carrantuohill” he graduated from the Silesian University on the Law and Administration department. His musical interests reach mainly the 1960’s, bands like The Rolling Stones, The Doors, solo artists like Bob Dylan, Donovan, and especially the band The Beatles. He is fascinated not only with their music but also with the sociological phenomenon which they initiated. He is also receptive of the current rock music, mainly “Pink Floyd”, Peter Gabriel, “Frankie Goes to Hollywood”, “Queen”, Sting, “Police”, “U2”, “Dire Straits”. He is also not a stranger to the folk music: Indian and Balkan.

However the dominant part of his interests is devoted to Irish climate, which consists of: “Clannad” and “The Chiftains”, and also the music to Irish shows like “Riverdance” and “Lord of Dance”, but focusing on the modern aspects. Having Adam as the electric guitar player proved to be very beneficial for the band – he successfully supports the rhythmic session. His uncompromising treatment of the rhythm and the way he plays the electric guitar makes the sound of the bass guitar clear and distinguishable. Additionally Adam actively participates in creating the image of the band in the media, which is essential and useful for any music band, it is reflected, among other things, in creating the Carrantuohill’s chronicles.