Maciej Paszek

Born 12 July 1972 r. in Rybnik, since childhood he lives in Żorach.

Plays: violin

Can also play: piano, bass, and a little on contrabass.

Family: wife Agnieszka, sons:  Sebastian and Krzysztof

Hobby: Irish music above all, and right behind it are motorcycles, sometimes DIY.

Life success: being a member of Carrantuohill, just until recently he didn’t realize how important it is in his life.

Life failure: failing his final exam in the Musical School, not because of a lack of knowledge but because of the stage fright

Role model: after his “rebirth” he found it in God. He himself things it’s virginal but true.

When he was 7, his Grandpa showed him how to play the violin. His first teacher not only taught him the basics about playing the instrument but also directed his musical education. The musical school I and II level in Rybnik, in the violin department, which he graduated from, gave him an enormous musical background, on one hand it brought him all the knowledge connected with the technical side of playing an instrument but on the other hand it was blocking his individual growth and musical sensitivity, through unbending and stiff teaching methods. This was not compatible with his inner musical needs. He was constantly looking for new possibilities of playing the violin, which was usually causing the teachers’ objections. First steps on the stage, as most of the music students, he had to undergo sort of obligatory. When he was 15 he made his debut in the band “Dno” on “Sari ’87”, however this cooperation wasn’t a right choice for him. In the summer of 1988 he received a proposition to play in an already famous band “Carrantuohill” and since than he is inseparable with it. The Irish music which they play has charmed him in all its power and playing the violin became not only a great pleasure but also a challenge to his “ego”. Today he is recognized as a virtuoso of the violin in the folk music, not only musicians are fascinated with his play but also the critics. One of them, an editor of the Program 3 of Polish Radio, Wojciech Ossowski wrote about him: “… The most beautiful sound in this music is the violin. But what kind of violin! What on earth, the guy was doing with them! Your legs not even for a minute, not even for a second wouldn’t stay in place”. Completely devoted to the band he still wants to become musically better than he is. He is captivated by the way Frankie Gavin played (an exceptional Irish violinist). Through tedious exercising he wants to achieve a state in which the technique of playing won’t be an obstacle in full expression of the musical thoughts. His musical interests mainly consist of Irish music, most preferable form of it being the pure, original version. He is also interested in Mark Knopfler’s music, and especially his two latest albums. To his musical interests also belong bands like:”Dire Straits”, “Queen”, Chrisa Rea, sometimes Sting. Prior studies on the classical music made him notice the connection between the Irish music and the classical music mainly of the baroque times. This is quite important when it comes to his interpretation of the Irish music – fierce, Irish temper grinded with the classical workshop. This dependence may strike some of the Irish music experts as lacking the original influences but on the other hand its a source of an uncommon original interpretation, which makes Maciej Paszek a recognizable and characteristic violinist.