Zbigniew Seyda
Born: 30 April 1963 r. in Sielec. Since childhood lives in Rybnik.
Plays: bouzouki, mandolin, cittern, acoustic guitar:
Family: wifeGrażyna (teacher), son Paweł
Hobby: music.
Life success: his wife, and the rest is ahead.
Life failure: doesn’t have one, but maybe still ahead.
Role model: unable to answer this question but it doesn’t mean he hasn’t got one.


Year 1976 turned out to be a year of dreams coming true. It was then in the music shop in Płońsk where he bought his first guitar. He was and still is self thought. Fascinated with the sung poetry he tried himself in it. He was writing, playing and also singing in the band “Eryś Group”, which he initiated with Dariusz Sojka in the Vocational school. The band took part in numerous competitions and their success was to win the I place in the regional Competition of the sung poetry in Katowice. But their first serious performance on the stage was while the Cabaret Competitions in Tychy where they took the honors. In 1987 “Eryś Group” stepped away from the poetry transforming into more Celtic climates which was more to Zbigniew Seyda likings. This ultimately finished the activity of the “Eryś Group” setting the beginnings of the “Carrantuohill”, in which he stayed till the present day. He was always working professionally and currently he works for The Departament of mining damages for the „Chwalowice” mine. He praises the rock artists from the beginning of the 1970’s like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purpley, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen. Although it is just a sentiment that music has a great influence on his approach to music today. His love to ballads flourished with creating a number of compositions for various Carrantuohill albums. As the only member of the band, Zbigniew uses his voice as an instrument, although he does that only occasionally. However, first and foremost he is a mandolin player, bouzouki , and recently citterns. Together with the violinist they create an excellent double voice. His love to playing the guitar cannot be left unmentioned. The guitar accompanies him as well in the composing as in the recording studio. He is open to all kinds of music and he is not afraid of experimenting both with the lyrics and the sound which he skillfully uses in playing the instruments and orchestration.